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Skin Check with Electronic Dermatoscope – Assisted Computer


As recommended by the Cancer Council, Australians are encouraged to examine their own skin.

If you noticed a new mole or freckle or if any of your moles or freckles have changed in size, shape or colour, it is advised to visit your doctor.


Why us?


  • State of art diagnostic tools

Dermotoscope is a special skin microscope with built in LED lights and camera. You can see macrophoto of your mole or freckle on a screen and your doctor can explain all the findings to you. We store macrophotos together with your medical records for monitoring purposes.

Such technology allows for many more options in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment.

  • High standard medical records

Each patient has their own file + macroscopic photos of suspicious lesions, which can be provided for follow up with their regular GP, if needed, or used for comparison at the next year skin check

  • Same doctor each year

Continuity of care is considered the best option for patient, especially when doctor can access the same notes/images to compare.

  • Option for follow up after usual office hours, if required

For busy professionals, there is an option to follow up with the same doctor after work (few days a week open from 6-10 pm).

Please feel free to contact the clinic if you have any questions.