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SLEEP and HEADACHES improving treatments


*subject to doctor counsultation

Complex sleep treatment options:

  1. Trigger points muscle relaxant injections

    During stress, headaches, there are certain muscle parts are more tense. Although we do not completely understand the mechanism (likely theory is a “stress” muscles relaxation provides a bio-feedback to the brain to relax), but research shows 40-80% improvement in depression after muscle-relaxant injections. Sleep improvement follows.  The injections are usually well tolerated by patients, provide result for 2-6 months (depends on individual speed of muscle regeneration). 

  2.  Clinching teeth muscle relaxation injections – bruxism relief.

    Clinching teeth during sleep can disturb sleep, cause headaches, contribute into stress and anxiety. TMJ joint and teeth surfaces  “wear and tear” occurs faster also. 

    Muscle relaxant injection for the masseter (muscle of the jawline participating in teeth clinching) is a quick, relatively painless (small needle) procedure. The muscle will be weakened, but not completely relaxed. You still can chew, talk without difficulties. 


reading book   

Sleep is a complex problem with usually a lot of contributing factors, which your doctor will assess and address to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome.  In most cases, your doctor will prescribe you a plan of sleep hygiene, may include some medications, appliances and  procedures.  

Sleep hygiene is a commonly underestimated and overlooked, but is a basement of all other interventions. Although can help itself in many cases.  

Stress management itself is a strong contributing factor into aging process including sleep. Our common advice to our patients is to observe yourself and imagine that you are an energy battery with approximate self-assessment of your current level of re-charge (10%? 20%? etc). Then think of relaxation strategies which could recharge your “battery” in safe, healthy and fast way and experiment by trying one to one. You will develop individually suitable for you stress management strategies which would last you for many years ahead. 

For some people, it can be particular lavender smell bath, for some – 30 min of  reading a book in a complete silence. 

Most people will benefit from regular exercises as muscle activity “burns” an excessive cortisol (stress hormone) and releases “happy” hormones to the bloodstream. 
Another popular way to deal with chronic stress is  a meditation. There are a lot of different types of meditation – from gradual body relaxation to art or rhythmic walking. 

Consultation can include treatment (subject to time availability) on the same day, prescription medications, arrangement of necessary blood or radiology tests, assessment with a specialised equipment, lamps and other advanced level innovations.

Consultation fee $250 (some cases may be medicare eligible).

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