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Triangle of beauty changes from having more volume in the upper face at the young age to the opposite – more volume dropping down as we age. Logic way to improve the wrinkles around lower face is to lift up the excess tissues back where it came from. Also, we have thinner, less elastic skin with less collagen, allowing such skin to form wrinkles. 
PDO threads are a strong stimulation of the collagen, improving the skin and making it thicker and firmer/tighter. Also, lift up the excess of tissues.

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Dr Miller peeling is a combination of active chemical peelings, laser, plasma and other cosmetic treatments applied at the same time for different areas of the face. Polishing the skin, improving superficial wrinkles, color and tightness of the skin will improve even the difficult and challenging areas like mimically active  smile lines

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Dermal filler can help with lifting points injections  – excess skin, which creates such wrinkles will be pulled up. Also, the smiling wrinkles can be gently filled in with the dermal filler to fill in the hollow areas. 

Dermal fillers should be used with care as the area is mobile and filler can be displaced, if too much. Also, as we age, too much volume drooping down to the lower face and adding too much filler volume can make proportions of the face worse. 
Dermal filler particularly works best in combination with other cosmetic techniques.

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