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We have group of doctors experienced in medical and cosmetic procedures, both office and hospital based.  

We are proud to have such experienced and well recognized doctor. It also ensures that our patients safety. VISTA Clinic patients will be looked after by the team. 

Procedures at the office include (and many more):

  • Implanon insertion/removal
  • Haematoma aspiration
  •  incision and drainage of abscess (for large ones – hospital admission needed)
  • anal skin tags excision
  • removal ingrown and /or deformed nails
  • nail resectoin
  • sinus excision (superficial)
  • removal of foreign body from inside skin or deep tissue
  • removal of foreign body from ear or nose
  • suture of laceration
  • tunor/cyst/ulcer/scar removal
  • Cryotherapy of warts or solar keratosis
  • Coagulation of skin lesions
  • skin tags, including eyelids, removal 
  • lipoma
  • angioma (blood vessels, cherry angiomas) removal
  • lipoma removal

 and much much more