PDO (polydiaxanone) sutures or threads is a fast growing cosmetic technology for tightening and lifting of sagging skin.

Besides immediate lift or tightness, patient can enjoy collagen stimulation and boost of effect 2-4 months after the threads has been inserted.

Is it painful? 

Most patients tolerate the procedure comfortably. For tightning threads, no anaethetic required and for lifting threads – either none either local. Feedback from our patients is usually that the procedure is less painful than dermal filler.

What is effect of threads on face and skin? 

INSTANT LIFT through mechanical elevation

SKIN QUALITY though collagen stimulation, new capilars formation

TIGHTENING of the skin through contracting fat tisue

Threads for face are safe? 

Modern threads are very different from previous generations of threads in terms of safety and efficiency. We do not use permanent threads, which caused problems in the past (like famous golden threads).

PDO threads provide natural moderate degree lift of the sagging skin and stimulate collagen, which adds to lift up effect.
Most thread lift today is non invasive. Also, insertion techniques help to eliminate side effects.

Most common side effects are mild swelling and local soreness, lasting 3-5 days; bruising; rare infections.

What are types of threads? 

there are many, but 2 main types:

NON BARBED or mono  – smooth, fine structure threads. Ideal of skin tightening.

BARBED threads had small barbs or cogs on the thread, which allows to stimulate more collagen and fix up the lift.

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