Under eyes filer after care advice
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eye area skin brightening and rejuvenation







Day 1-3

Eye filler is different from usual ones and is created to match the gentle and thin skin around eyes.

Normal and expected: swelling , lumps (few hours/days) and/or bruising.

1. Drink as much water as you can in the 1st 48 hours (more dehydrated – more swelling) 

2. Gently massage  – little lumps are normal and expected, they last from few minutes to 3 days (depends on how dehydrated your skin is. Longer it lasts  – better result and better “health” of the skin. Usually when we are young, after holidays, after few procedures in the past  –  lumps tend to stay longer and it’s a good sign of better collagen production)

3. For Maximum effect of lightening and collagen stimulation – please, try Dark Circles Eye Concentrate for the 1st 2 months. It’s professional Pharmaceutical Skin care to boost the best amount of hyaluronic acid, lightening, healing, skin and blood supply quality. Use it for 2 months only. 


Avoid anything which makes you sweat excessively (intense exercises, sauna, sunbath and other activities)

avoid alcohol (a little is ok)

avoid intense movement of the treated area (i.e., if lips – avoid intense kisses, whistling etc).

avoid skin care with AHA, BHA, retinoids (vitamin A), but eye cream is ok. 

Gently massage the treated areas at home over a clean cloth to smooth away any lumpiness.

If pain is increasing over time, unusual skin color, rash or other concern – let us know (email vistaclinicau@gmail.com)

*Sometimes significant swelling can occur  – it’s part of skin tightening treatment, and has no long term consequences,  but to be sure – please, send us photo on email or mobile 0434780777


Day 3-14

swelling is improving at this stage, bruising (if it was any) is also improving.

Avoid intensive massage, waxing, IPL, lasers, peels.

Day 14+

Continue to apply soothing cream with SPF 50 + which doctor recommended to prevent sun damage, skin aging and ensure filler longevity.

We recommend to continue with your next procedures not earlier than Day 14, when filler is settled and firm. You may notice improvement already, but it will keep improving next 2 months

2 months

COnsideration to repeat the treatment. 
Although you may be happy at this stage, then nothing needs to be done, but with genetic type of dark circles/under eyes early aging – it tend not to last long therefore a course of 3 procedures is recommended. Expected longevity – around 1 year or more, but it’s individual.

The under-eye filler is reasonably safe and depends on own standards of appearance, patient may choose to repeat is every 2-6 months for years, which is safe and improve aging process significantly. 
We highly recommend regular care, preferably with the same doctor as continuity of care provides the best clinical outcome. 

Please, feel free to contact VISTA clinic Australia for doctor’s review, if you are concerned.

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