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Diolite Vascular Laser (blood vessels removal)


The Iriderm Diolite laser produces green light at a wavelength of 532nm with a pulse duration in the order of 20msec. These are generally accepted as the optimal parameters for treating vascular lesions – such as “broken” capillaries and spider lesions – on the face and upper body.

Comfortable, Effective Treatments on all Skin Colours

Vascular lasers work by emitting pulses of energy to the red oxyhaemoglobin within the thin walled unwanted blood vessels. This energy is absorbed by blood within the vessels, causing it to clot blocking the vessel which is then removed by the natural processes of the body. The vessel is seen to shut down on treatment. Some vessels are gone immediately; others reopen but as they are damaged are removed over the following 2-3 months.

 Does the Laser Hurt?

Yes the laser is uncomfortable. Some people can easily tolerate it but most prefer to put on some BLT anaesthetic gel for around 15 minutes prior to the treatment. Ask the office manager if you are waiting in the waiting room prior to a  treatment. Alternatively you can buy some EMLA cream from us and apply it 2 hours before your appointment. With the anaesthetic gel you may still feel a slight tingling sensation. Most people tolerate the procedure very well. After the procedure there is usually no pain but you may have a slight stinging sensation like a mild sunburn for a few hours.


How Long Does a Treatment Take?

Most areas take about 10 to 20 minutes. If the area treated is very large, of course, treatment may take longer. Multiple treatments are generally required.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This varies. Some veins and lesions will completely clear after one or two treatments, while others may require three treatments or more. As facial vessels are mostly caused by a condition known as rosacea it is common for them to recur so typically you may need 2 or 3 treatments every 2-3 months initially and then a follow up treatment every 1-2 years depending on how many vessels you have to start with ands how tolerant you are of any recurrences and how well you can avoid UV light exposure. We will develop a treatment program that best fulfills your individual needs.

How Will the Treatment Affect My Circulation?

Spider veins and most other vascular lesions that develop near the skin’s surface are nonfunctional. By the time they develop, other veins nearby will have assumed any necessary functions. Removing non‑functional veins and lesions does not inhibit circulation.

What are the Potential Side Effects?

Most patients have no side effects other than a transient (few hours) redness. This is usually no more red than their normal rosacea flushing and can be covered immediately with makeup.
Around 5% of patients may get a mild sun burn with some flaking of skin but not  taking more than 3 days to settle. If thi soccurs it  can be treated with a regular moisturiser such as sorbolene and care with not picking.
Scarring or altered texture of the skin is possible but unlikely unless you get peeling and pick at it and get it infected.

Local pigmentation reactions, either lightening or darkening, are possible but uncommon, and  are usually temporary,  recovering over several months

Damage to the eyes  can be caused if protective goggles/eyeshields are not worn whilst the laser is active

Skin infection may occur if the treated area is picked at, or if instructions for care are not followed

Multiple treatments may be necessary, and even then complete removal cannot be  guaranteed

What are the costs?

Treatments cost $250 for a standard session of 20 minutes. Some patients can meet Medicare criteria and have %85 re-imbursed. Consultations are free or bulk billed.

Laser   Information & Consent Form


I consent to Dr Larissa Miller using the laser for treating  vascular lesions – such as “broken” capillaries and spider lesions – on my  face/body/legs. 

I certify that I have been informed about the procedure  and the prospects of success and have had the opportunity  to ask further questions.

I understand that no guarantee or assurance has been made as to the results of the procedure and that it may not cure the condition even with multiple treatments.

I understand that there are certain risks involved in using the above laser:

The main side effect of the laser treatment is pain during the treatment and for 15 minutes after (but sometimes longer). The treated area will then become flushed like a mild sunburn but will settle in a few hours.

Less commonly the area may be lightly burned like a sunburn with redness a light crust and peeling over the next 3 days. This will usually take no more than 1 week to settle.

Local pigmentation reactions, with either lightening or darkening of skin are uncommon. If they occur they are usually temporary, recovering over several months.

Rare side effects are permanent pigmentation changes and altered skin texture or scarring. These side effects are more likely if skin infection  occurs due to picking at the treated area.

I understand that the practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science, and that therefore reputable practitioners cannot properly guarantee results. I acknowledge that no guarantee or assurance has been made by anyone regarding the procedure which I have requested and authorised.

I hereby consent to treatment as outlined above. I also consent to the taking of photographs for the medical record and further consent to their use for research, teaching or publication, with the understanding that I will not be identified or identifiable from such photos.

If I claim a rebate from Medicare that I certify that the vessels were visible from 4 metres  and the treatment took 20 minutes.


Patient’s name                         Signature (patient or guardian)                       Date


I certify that I have made the disclosures referred to above to the patient and that he/she has been invited to ask questions.


Dr Larissa Miller                          Date