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Youthful Eyelids Concentrate Instructions

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 combination of active peptides and ingredients tailored to each patient after assessment. 

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It’s an active ingredients concentrate you add on to your usual cream which suits to your skin well. You will continue to use what you are already using, just add on this concentrate BEFORE your usual creams/serums. 


Eyelids concentrate is an effective program  for stronger, lighter, healthier, thicker eyelids skin. It is important to comply with your cosmetic doctor recommendations to ensure the best results and safety. 
Eyelids concentrate works very effective itself, but it is also prepares your skin for the best results for any procedure (like laser, surgery, RF, Agnes, biorevitalisation etc)


You will notice improvement in few weeks, but usually it takes around 2 months for full effect (skin turnover is around this time and we will need to wait when “new skin” will grow). 


When stop using the medications, your eyelashes will slowly return to the same condition as you had prior to the treatment, but it still be better  in general. 


*Please, stop using the products in case of itchy/red/sensitive/dry skin, infection, pregnancy/breastfeeding IMMEDIATELY. 

** Swelling in the 1st few days of using is normal and expected. If too much – please, stop and re-start when swelling settles. 

***For maximum results, start with a small amount, then slowly increase. Can do twice/day




Gently massage and rub into the area once or twice a day until dry, afer cleaning your face and before your usual creams/serums

Effect will start being noticeable within  2 months (when bio stimulation effect will  create collagen). Improving within a year.  Most patients notice effect in 2 weeks  – start to uplift and rejuvenate the skin.



Active Ingredients:

Estrogen peptide   – high binding to selective estrogen receptors demonstrating similar to younger age estrogen effect.   

Phyto- estrogen


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