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*must wash off with water in the morning (otherwise purple stains)

What is vitamin A?

According to the survey of american dermatologists, Vitamin A is the best and most effective ingredient in skin care of all times. There are different types of Vit A, called retinoids. The strongest ones can only be prescribed by doctor after a face-to-face counsultation. Due to Australian law, we can’t mention the name of prescription only medications on website to ensure public protection. 

Vitamin A deriviatives improve skin tone and texture by stripping off layers of excess keratin and excess upper, epidermal pigment. It doesn’t thin the skin, but actually stimulates new collagen growth in the deeper dermis which improves fine wrinkles

*It’s beneficial effect starts in about 1 month with improvement continuing with 6 months of use. 

What are side effects of prescription only Vitamin A?

It may cause redness as you start to use it. This is not allergy but irritation from unelastic, dead keratin separating off. If you dilute the mix with moisturizer initially the redness will be less pronounced. After 1 month of full strenth the redness will stop and your skin will get a healthy glow and uneven pigmentation will start to reduce  – sometimes dramatically. 

Why combination is the most effective? 

*PLEASE, STOP THE CREAM 3 days prior and after procedures.

  • Cream ingredients: In the mixture, Vit A removes the old pigment, while the hydroquinone stopped re-pigmentation and Vitamin C repairs all skin structures. 
  • Sunblock cream: is essential. Vitamin A is making skin more photosensetive, so should be used in conjunction. We recommend own cosmeceutical moisturiser to be applied every morning. This contains Hyaluronic acid to restore moisture, anti-inflamatory ingredients to settle down redness, UVA+UVB SPF 50+ and is non greasy emulsion, so, make up may be applied over it. 
  • Peelings: As a program, it’s commonly combined with course of peelings to speed up the peeling off of the old skin and more intensive care. Dead cells, superficial skin layer has keilons – inhobitors of regenerations and it’s important to keep skin free of them. More info at Dr Miller peel. 
  • Mesotherapy (skin booster or biorevitalisation): if we want to peel off and regenrate old skin, it make sence to provide “building material” to build a new skin, Similar to you when go to gym and excersise, you need a good nutrition, vitamins and proteins. Hyaluronic acid (natural moisturizer which we loose with age) with vitamins and peptides are injected in the basal, most active layer of the skin to provide ideal conditions for regeneration. More info at Biorevitalisation

What is hydroquinone? 

Bleaching agent, which is considered to be 1 of the strongest. It’s very popular in Asia for general skin whitenning, but it’s good for many other types of pigmentation, like age spots, sun damage, melasma etc.   

Hydroquinone inhibits tyrosinase, an enzime which is required for the deposition of pigment granules in the epidermis, which is part of tanning and abnormal pigmentation. 

A very diluted small concentration you can buy over the counter, but for the best skin whitenning and depigmentation, effect usually higher conentrations are required.

What are side effect of Hydroquinone? 

It’s usually well tolerated, but 1 important moment is a must – please, use it only at night and wash it off in the morning, before going under sun. Hydroquinone with UVA can lead to purple stains on skin, which is avoidable if patient is compliant with instructions and wash the bleach off every morning. 


How to use it (schedule of usage)? 


Evening 1

If you have very sensetive skin trial a test patch (use a match head size of the paste) to the side of your face near your ear, for 30 minutes, then wipe off with a damp cloth. 

Week 1 

If not too red next evening, cover your whole face except the lower and upper eyelids. Use a half pea size amount of the paste and half a pea sized amount of non-perfumed moisturizer (any brand for sensetive skin).  

If this is fine – continue for 1 week. On each successive day you can edge to mix up on the lower eyelids up to within 3 mm of the eyelash margin.

Week 2 onwards

apply a pea sized amount of full strength mixture to your whole face in the evening. 


If side effects…?


If you become unacceptably red or/and dry, then reduce the strength to 1/4 mixture and 3/4 moisturiser. Then the following week raise to 1/2 and 1/2 strength. Then the third week 3/4 mix 1/4 moisturiser. Then from the fourth week onwards full strength. 

Applying moisturiser immediately after the mixture will dilute the mix but regular application of moisturiser the next day is fine and will reduce dryness. Any sensetive skin moisturiser is ok. The urea based moisturizer like Dermadrate is also very good, but may sting initially, as it has lactic acid, so, after the first 4 weeks is best. 


How long should I use the mixture for? 


As the paste photosensitises slightly, many patients just use it in the colder months, stopping over summer. Naturally it is important to avoid excessive sun exposure so wear sunblock and a hat while on this product. 

It is possible to use the mix indefinitely every evening. After 6 months usage, using it 1 times per week will maintain your skin improvement. 

If you plan to conceive, stop the cream immidiately and notify your doctor about taking topical Vitamin A cream.

Please, feel free to contact VISTA clinic Australia for doctor’s review, if you are concerned.

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