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Vitamins B3 and B5

Advanced Serum

the best skin care redness post procedure

Niacinamide role: 

  • Nicotinamide reduces  inflammation. (used in blisterin skin disorders for medical purposes)
  • Reduces pores, rosacea and acne by reducing sebum.
  • Repairs skin barrier function by decreasing water loss through the epidermis (the outer skin layer) thus increasing skin hydration.
  • Improves complexion, by improving the pigmentation, blotchiness and redness of ageing skin; it is used in some cosmeceutical products.
  • Limited research shown reduction of sun damage (actinic keratosis) and may reduce skin cancer (SCC) – an inhibitor of the nuclear enzyme poly(adenosine diphosphate-ribose [ADP]) polymerase [PARP], which plays a significant role in DNA repair, maintenance of genomic stability, and cellular response to injury including inflammation and apoptosis (cell death)
  • Healing UV exposure (sun damage/tanning)

Vitamin B5

  • Soothing, anti-inflammatory
  • Regenerating
  • Healing
  • Balances oils and skin barrier
  • Anti-aging and age preservation
  • Enhances and prolonging hydration

Vitamin B3 5% + Vitamin B5 + Licorice and Willow Bark serum for improving redness, pigmentation, pores

This light gel-based serum is designed for fast absorption straight into the skin.

Containing 5% Niacinamide which has been proven to work on problematic skins by balancing oil flow, reducing pore size and improving uneven skin tone.

Combined with Licorice and White Willow Bark (Natural Salicylic Acid) this serum is the perfect addition for any brand that targets clients with problem, oily, or combination skins.

This serum is unscented and free of potentially irritating chemicals.

  • Skin Type – All Skin Types / Oily / Problematic / Blemished
  • Active Ingredients – Vitamin B3 & Vitamin B5
  • Unscented 




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