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*all photos are actual patients results

Art of face injections is tailored by years of experience and training of VISTA Clinic Australia Melbourne cosmetic doctors. Muscles of the face are working in coordination with each other, moving fat pads into certain directions, and muscles are overlapping each other. Therefore it is important to choose an expert in cosmetic injections with excellent knowledge of anatomy, comprehensive training and skills to manage injections complications. 

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What areas can be treated with muscle relaxant injections?

Officially registered areas for anti-wrinkle injections are glabella ( vertical wrinkles between eyebrows ), crows feet (wrinkles around eyes).   Medicine is not a pure science, but rather a combination of art and science with experience, therefore it’s a commonly accepted practice to use muscle relaxant injections more comprehensively. VISTA Clinic Australia Melbourne clinic doctors have an extensive trainings and experience with using anti-wrinkle injections in different areas.

Most common areas to relax are areas of overactive muscles with skin wrinkles above.

  • “angry” looking frown lines between eyebrows
  • soften forehead wrinkles
  • elevate eyebrows
  • improve eyes wrinkles
  • lift upper eyelids
  • soften wrinkles around mouth
  • improve smile,
  • narrow nose
  • elevate corners of mouth
  • slim heavy low face

How long does wrinkles elimination effect lasts?

Initially 3-4 months, in case if cosmetic injections are done regularly, the wrinkle relaxant effect tends to last 6 months or longer. Our Melbourne cosmetic patient record in how long the effect lasts was 1 year in an old lovely lady, who have been doing injections for couple of decades. She is out VISTA Clinic Australia Melbourne champion. It’s not always depends on doctor or type of medication used, but regeneration capacity of the patient. Botox is an expert doctor cosmetic treatment in Melbourne

If person exercises, has diet, rich in Vitamin B (or taking vitamin B group suppliments), regular visitor of sauna/sun bath – anti-wrinkle injections tend to last less. However, it’s a sign of good health and we encourage patients to continue healthy lifestyle. Botox in Melbourne is being injected with care and by highly qualified doctors.

Muscle relaxant medication actually binds nerve receptors of the muscle, therefore muscles stop moving (nerves are like wires to conduct signals to move from brain). As nerve is a longest tissue to regenerate in our body, therefore it takes few months for body to create a new nerve receptors. Faster our body can regenerate nerve tissues, less is effect of muscle relaxant injections. in Melbourne is injected properly. 

Also, muscle relaxant injections are used to treat

  • migraines
  • chronic headaches
  • strabismus (teeth clinching),
  • excessive sweating at any area – hands, feet, hair, armpits, buttocks etc
  • cervical dystonia (type of neck pains)

There are more research of the muscle relaxant injections use in medicine, in the progress to explore more interesting new areas:

  • depression
  • allergy symptoms
  • neuropathic pain
  • premature ejaculation
  • weight loss
  • difficulty swallowing, etc
    Watch the space!

Can muscle relaxant injection lift the face? 

To some extend, yes. Cosmetic doctor can relax muscles pulling face down and so shifting balance of the face up by active lifting muscles.

Facelift is one of most desirable cosmetic procedures at the Melbourne clinic, and we use the whole spectrum of non-surgical techniques, but still there are limitations. By experience of our cosmetic doctors at Melbourne clinic, combination of treatments work the best to achieve face lifting effect.

Vista Clinic offers a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures such as anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, face slimming, double chin removal, threadlift, skin peelings, skin booster, mesothreads, PDO, subcision, and other services Oakleigh, Bentleigh, Hampton, Brighton, Highett, Malvern, Chadstone, Caulfield, Huntingdale, Carnegie, Ormond, Hughesdale, Moorabbin, and McKinnon areas.


Face reshaping without any surgery or downtime, as a lunch time procedure. With years of training and experience, our clinic is considered to be experts in injectable treatment.

Who would be ideal candidate for V shape injections? 

  • Bruxism
  • Square jaw
  • Asian patients
  • Heavy jawline
  • Wish to slim appearance of lower face
  • Teeth grinding or bruxism
  • Headaches especially associated with anxiety
  • Wide lower face

Women’s beauty perception is usually benefit with slimmer, lighter, V shaped  jaw line.

How long is a result?

Slimming injections usually last from 6 to 12 months. Effect lasts longer if injections are done regularly, before the masseter muscle regrown. It also requires less amount of units

How much units needed?

Experienced doctor will assess your individual situation. In average, from 15-30 BU (or 30-80 DU) per side.

Are their any risks?

We strongly advise to choose a well-trained and experienced doctor, expert in such tricky area to avoid possible complications.

The area has 2 other muscles overlapping masseter (zygomaticus and risorius), therefore injection result in changes in smile, face asymmetry, swallowing and speech difficulties.


There is no better way to look attractive and friendly than a smile.

In some cases, a large portion of gum can be visible (it’s also known as gummy smile) and that may result in a loss of self-confidence and hiding smile behaviour.

VISTA Clinic Australia doctors always encourage patients to be comfortable the way they are, but Its important to know all options of medical cosmetic treatments available. With the modern medicine and experienced doctors, there are plenty of safe and effective ways to improve appearance.

Gummy smile is an aesthetic problem only there is no health issues involved.

What are the causes?

Gummy smile is an anatomically predisposed overactive upper lip, showing more than 2 mm of the upper gum because of:

  • Contraction of the upper lip elevator muscles
  • Thin upper lip
  • Hyperactivity of the orbicularis oris muscle
  • Abnormal eruption of the teeth

What is the treatment?

The gold standard for gummy smile is a combination of anti-wrinkle injections and a dermal filler. The treatment starts with injections into the muscle what elevates the upper lip. It will take up to 2 weeks to see the results. Next step is a small amount of dermal filler to prevent lip thinning while smiling.

How much units needed?

Experienced doctor will assess your individual situation. In average, from 15-30 BU (or 30-80 DU) per side.

Are their any risks?

We strongly advise to choose a well-trained and experienced doctor, expert in such tricky area to avoid possible complications.

The area has 2 other muscles overlapping masseter (zygomaticus and risorius), therefore injection result in changes in smile, face asymmetry, swallowing and speech difficulties.


Non surgical blepharoplasty and crows feet: Muscle relaxant anti-wrinkle cosmetic injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are popular, lunch time procedure with no downtime. Cosmetic injections around eyes are usually well tolerated, mildly painful, quick procedure. At VISTA Clinic Australia Melbourne cosmetic doctors use very fine needles to minimize pain and  bruising.

Wrinkles relaxation and eyelid lift effect lasts from 3 to 7 months. More regular cosmetic injections tend to prolong effect of anti-wrinkle injections. Intense sunbath, exercises, sweating, vitamins group B – all contribute into shorter action of muscle relaxant injections.
Please, consult with an experienced cosmetic doctor free of charge about costs, types of cosmetic injections and alternative treatments.

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There is no such thing as an ideal nose. We are all different and it’s wonderful. VISTA Clinic Australia believes in minor changes, which look natural and yourself, but fresh, less tired, and with closer to aesthetic proportions.

Golden ratio theory is a mathematical calculation of most attractive proportions of the face. Golden ratio measurements are done by doctor with special tools and it provides guideline and ideas, then doctor discuss findings with patient, and form management plan.

Most common requests we receive at VISTA clinic Australia and personally Dr Larissa Miller – nose tip is down (it can be genetic or/and aging process), nostrils are too wide, hump on spine of nose, pores on nose and to make nose smaller.

It is important to accept and love yourself the way you are. No point to change yourself to be like some particular another person, you will never be them. But how to be the most beautiful version of your self – VISTA clinic Australia is more than happy to help and to share our expertise and years of experience for your wellbeing.

What non surgical nose job procedures can be done?

There are plenty of options. It can be one or a combination of cosmetic injections. Doctor will discuss with you options tailored for your individual anatomical and physiological nose, along with taking into consideration your wishes and aesthetic golden ratio (to insure it will loo nice and natural with rest of your face).


What is the prescription only medication used?

Muscle relaxants are natural products made by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.  Since 1978 it has been used in a purified form and in tiny amount by ophthalmologists to correct Squints.  We now know it is also a safe and effective treatment of facial lines around the forehead and eyes.  The benefits are particular in people who frown all the time and consequently look angry.  It may also reduce the frequency of migraines and tension headaches.

Are there any side effects?

The treatment is very safe the main side effects being some local redness for several hours.  Occasionally there is bruising.  As with any injections there is a potential for allergic reactions and local infection but these are uncommon.  As the anti-wrinkle injection starts to work 3-20 days later you may experience a slight headache for the day.

 The main serious side effect is called ptosis or drooping of the eyelid.  This is uncommon and only temporary usually lasting less than 3 days although cases lasting several months have been recorded.

A pseudo-ptosis may occur when treated from line muscles relax so much that the eyebrow drops giving heaviness to the upper lids.  The effect may take 4-6 weeks to wear off.  It is more likely to occur when treating the glabella and the frown lines at the same time, so we avoid this, but it can occur treating just one area in very sensitive individuals.  Sometimes your doctor may give you a small dose the first time you have the medication which may mean you need a top up at 2 weeks.

Some minor pre-existing asymmetry may get more noticeable. Also, diffusion into surrounding muscles possible, which is not always great news.

What does treatment involve?

The treatment involves from 3 to 10 small injections at one time into the areas being treated.  The needle used is very fine and so the procedure is relatively painless.  The effect will commence 3 to 10 days later with frown lines being softened.  As part of the treatment one’s ability to frown is greatly reduced – this may feel strange at first but one quickly becomes used to it.  Sometimes a top up injection is required at 2 weeks if some of the areas have not  “taken”.  The effect lasts for 4 months with further injections after this time often lasting longer.  Sometimes after 2 or 3 treatments the nerve receptors may not regrow and the effects will be permanent.

Can anyone use it?

The treatment is very safe but as with all drugs we would not recommend it for children and pregnant or breast feeding women.

The following should NOT have the anti-wrinkle mediction:  Patients with Myaesthenia Gravis or taking aminoglycoside antibiotics (eg if you take any of the following names written on your medications – Gentamicin, Soframycin, Tobramycin).