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Why to choose Vista Clinic Australia?



Vista Clinic Australia was founded with the philosophy to provide the best possible standards for cosmetic and anti aging medicine in Australia: 

Premium quality of non-invasive treatments, holistic approach to the patient and the best combination of cosmetic injectables dermal fillers, anti wrinkle injections, biorevitalisation, PRP, mesotherapy, fat dissolving, threads lift, subcision, hormonal treatments and many more options, carefully collected from all over the world training, research and close collaboration with the best physicians and plastic surgeons in the World.

 Award – winning skin clinic

Vista Cosmetic Clinic is pleased to win few awards by this date, including “best standards cosmetic clinic” and best lip filler for amazing cosmetic filler medical art performed by Dr Larissa Miller. Vista Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Clinic Australia is committed to constant self – improvement and growth, therefore would be interesting to see more awards in the future!


Premium quality of materials and machines

 Similar to cars – you can’t compare C -class Mercedes to small Hyundai. Same with cosmetic service providers – you can’t compare top 5 European brands from big pharma companies to small cosmetic only firms, made in 3rd world countries. In addition to the brands used, we have an official TGA warning

Specialists doctors with at least 10 years of experience each  

One of the main factors for good doctor whom patient can trust is experience. Medicine is not an exact science, but rather combination of academical scientific basic education and experience. Only good basic training and (not or) experience can ensure safety and efficiency of great specialist and expert level of medical doctor. Vista Clinic Australia doctors are opinion leaders in their fields, but mandatory continue learning and upgrading their knowledge and skills. 

Vista Clinic Cosmetic Doctors are Experts and Opinion leaders 

Vista Clinic Australia doctors are active researchers, presenters at the National and International conferences, teaching other doctors, nurses and dermal clinicians in the skin science and cosmetology. Publications and training courses development.


Wide range of techniques and procedures utilized

Vista Clinic Cosmetic Doctors have a proper, the highest possible level of medical training – Medical School, followed by internship and specialist training. Annual international trainings with the best world leaders. 

Vista Clinic Australia has proudly NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST with any pharma company or supplier. We act only in the best interest of patients and doctors.

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