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Youthful Eyelids Concentrate 

eye cream


Gently massage and rub into the upper and lower eyelids areas once or twice a day until dry.

Effect will start being noticeable within  2 months (when bio stimulation effect will  create collagen). Improving within a year.  Most patients notice effect in 2 weeks  – start to uplift and rejuvenate the skin.

If wrinkles around mouth – cando few drops of the concentrate around lips border also.

 Do not self increase the dose without doctor advise.


*Discontinue use and consult a doctor if adverse reactions or concerns occur.


Estrogen mimetic peptide 1 ( EMP -1 )  – high binding to selective estrogen receptors demonstrating similar to younger age estrogen effect.  

 Phyto-estrogen, Trihydroxy estrin



Youth Eyelids concentrate is a combination of active peptides and estrogen derivatives tailored to estrogen sensitive areas as one of the most effective beautification ingredients.   


Estrogen is a regulator and essential for youthful skin function and proven to improve elasticity, hydration and thickness of the skin

It also prevents aging of bones (i.e., shape of the face), reducing size of the nose and chin, leads to larger eyes and thickness of the lips.





  • Higher estrogen – more attractive face (Dr Law Smith, St Andrews study)
  • Over time – leads to larger eyes, lips, significantly reverse aging signs and shape of the face
  • Significant improvement in hydration, elasticity, collagen, skin tightening and thickening.



    eye cream with estrogen