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VISTA Clinic Australia is a high end quality Cosmetic and Medical clinic located at the Melbourne CBD. Specialist experienced doctor owned and operated, dedicated to a high quality medical and cosmetic procedures, one of our strong sides is experience in cosmetic and clinical medicine for a number of years, as well as comprehensive training from different cosmetic “worlds”: USA, Europe, Russia and Asia. Medical grade fillers and best materials and equipment are used to ensure high standards of cosmetic and medical care for our patients.

Our patients needs are first. Even small flaw can mean the world to a woman and will be addressed. We also offer complimentary Golden ratio (face proportions) assessment, skin quality and health assessment, using modern medical equipment. Often skin is a reflection of underlying health problems, therefore doctors are trained to ensure holistic, whole person care, not just cosmetic.

Most of our patients prefer minimal downtime approach, which is definitely possible – experienced doctor will discuss different options and approaches, pros and cons, so the patient can plan for the best times for more invasive procedures and less invasive ones, but still achieve high standards of beauty. Modern cosmetic medicine procedures have a wide range of options and experienced and well trained doctor can certainly assist patients with individually tailored plan.

Vista Clinic professional cosmetic and medical doctors will help you achieve the most natural and elegant look so nobody can guess that any cosmetic work has been done, but at the same time you will look refreshed, younger, happier, less tired and generally more aesthetic. With VISTA Clinic, you can be reassured with the professional minimal and safe approach, in most cases step by step improvement of appearance.

Safety is paramount when it comes to health care, cosmetic procedures still cary certain risks. Therefore this is a proper Medical Clinic with emergency equipment, well trained doctor on site with excellent knowledge of anatomy. Using safest known techniques to minimise any risks and, in unlikely event of side effect, we are well equiped to the best and quickest management of adverse reactions that is free of charge for our patients.

Dr Larissa Miller completed Fellowship of ACAM (Australasian College of Cosmetic medicine) and is a Board Director of ACAM. She is is also associated with College of Cosmetic Physicians and Cosmetic Surgeons, as well as numerous other organisations in the professional field.











Dr Larissa Miller has been practising since 2002. Her areas of specialty include dermatology, cosmetic medicine, hair loss treatments.

Dr Miller is a trainer for numerous organisations, including cosmetic medicine, Medical Board (AMC) and College examinations.

Dr Miller has been published in Australia and Internationally and is extensively involved in research. Her current research interest is ageing. She has lectured both in Australia and overseas.



Vista Clinic Australia is a cosmetic and anti-aging clinic offering a comprehensive range of non-surgical procedures and services Melbourne CBD, South Yarra, Docklands, Richmond, Southbank, Collinwood, Fitzroy, Brighton, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne  areas.

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Email: me@vistaclinic.com.au

Phone: + 61 (0) 434 780 777 

Fax: +61 (03) 9978 9484

Business Hours:  By appointment. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. 

Flexible hours, including Sundays and holidays - for VIP.

Address: Suit 415, Level 4,

The Exchange Tower

530 Little Collins St  Melbourne 3000 VIC Australia

Main Entrance to the Exchange Tower from the Little Collins St or via coffee shops lane, then via lifts - to level 4.

* Melbourne architects have sense of humor! - 530 Collins and 530 Little Collins are across the road - you need a Little Collins one with the sign "The exchange Tower"

Chocolates/spring water and comfortable chairs on a waiting area.

We are flexible with hours for our regular loyal patients - please, contact reception or book appointment while at the practice.

Looking forward to see you!