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 BEST FOR: deficient, empty lips and wrinkles around mouth

  COST: from $500

 DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Lip filler fills in the gaps of smokers (or “kissers”) lines and restores the supporting lips contours. Lifting points filler also improve overall appearance.

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 BEST FOR: overactive muscle causing wrinkles

  COST: from $150

 DOWNTIME: zero to 1 day

Overactive round muscle around the mouth keeps folding the skin and causing permanent collagen “breaks” which clinically look like wrinkles. The muscle helps with pronouncing the sounds “o” and “u” and to whistle.  Small superficial amount of the muscle relaxant injection into the skin helps to relax the skin folding, but the underneath muscle is still keeping it’s function. The cosmetic injection also helps to lift up the upper lip.

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 BEST FOR: superficial wrinkles and pores

  COST: from $150

 DOWNTIME: zero to 1 week

Accumulated dead skin and superficial wrinkles can be polished from peeling off the superficial layers. Dr Miller Peel is a combination of many different peels, each applied to different areas to address each concern. Such combination approach delivers the best clinical and cosmetic results. Dr Miller peel also include laser, plasma and other appropriate modalities to be the most effective. 

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