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Eyelids skin rejuvenation


Filler for hollow circles?



BEST FOR: hollowness or depressed areas under eyes. 

  DOWNTIME: none or 2-4 days (bruising)

Less bone can support the thin skin under the eyes, causing drooping under eyes skin drooping down. Additionally, thinning with age under eyes skin is more transparent for darker blood and hollow areas under the skin. 

Filler can be placed under the eye to provide support (you can do a test yourself – press under eye bone with your finger – more pronounced fat pad will fill in the under eyes darkness and will appear lighter and less wrinkles). Typically such filler also provides less tired look. 

If needed, doctor can carefully place a small amount of filler (sometimes mixed with vitamins and non-crossed linked hyaluronic acid) for rejuvenation of the under eyes skin and filling in hollowness. 

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Pigmentation under eyes?



  BEST FOR: brown and dark pigment

  DOWNTIME: 1-2 days

 Biorevitalisation is a type of skin booster with additional active ingridients which doctor will prescribe after assessment. Delivering nutrition, moisturising agents into the deepest, most active layer of the skin – basal – will create the best conditions for your skin to regenerate. It’s health of skin (rather then damage like most other procedures). Cosmetic doctor often prescribe medications for home skin care. 

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PRP for dull skin?



   BEST FOR: dull skin, wrinkles around eyes

 DOWNTIME: bruising possible


Stimulation of own regenerative capacity of the gentle skin around eyes by using person’t own concentrated growth factors. Cosmetic doctor will take blood, separate the most active growth factors from blood and inject into the area of the body which requires regeneration and boost. Particularly working well with prescription creams.

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PDO thread lift?



  BEST FOR: prolapsing down mid face

  DOWNTIME: 2-5 days or none

Aging bone loss, gravity and lack of elasticity may cause loose excessive skin  which are pulling down the gentle skin under eyes. under chin and jawlines. The excessive skin is being pulled up to temples  – such lift movement of the skin is strengthening the under eyes skin also, by threads.  Under local anesthetic, the  procedure is usually well tolerated. Swelling and bruising possible.

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Neck exercises?



  BEST FOR: stiffness in neck

  COST: $0

  DOWNTIME: none

Exercises for neck stretching. massages are helpful for neck stiffness, as well as more aesthetic appearance of the lower face and neck,  as well as under eyes pronounced swelling or hernias.  VISTA Clinic Australia we encourage patients to do such neck stretching daily (with care) to improve circulation and prevent age related deformation. What is good for health, generally is good for beauty also.

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Plasma skin tightening?



  BEST FOR: excess skin and ridges

  DOWNTIME: 3 days – 1 week

Excess skin of fine and thin eyelid area can create shadows and darker appearance. Combination with good home care, microneedling and plasma usually help with skin tightening

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Dr Miller' GLOW - Light&Concentrated Cream

the best skin care professional

infusion with moisture, vitamins and actives is a basement of any skin.


  • “Glow” was the most common feedback after 1 month of use twice/day, as per our research.
  • Free from harmful ingredients, including lanolin and petroleum derived products. Therefore it can be used for dry, sensitive or oily skin and few times/day
  • Purely vegetable derived
  • Lightweight formula for optimum comfort *Leaves skin feeling velvety soft, without an oily residue.

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Soothing Irritation Intense Re-hydration Cream

zinc calomine medical cream

BEST FOR:  dehydrated sensitive skin with redness, inflammation 

SKIN TYPE:  dry, after burn. 

A combination of active ingredients for soothing and calming skin, infusing it with hydration without irritative ingredients and using liposomes for absorption.

Best suits for DEHYDRATED & SENSITIVE SKIN. Safe to use and good for rosacea, redness, sensitive skin, acne, post cosmetic treatments (like laser, peelings), in combination with an intensive therapy (like vitamin A), for eczema prone skin. 

Contains zinc, calamine, deep hydrating medical ingredients etc. Is used for kids, skin with eczema – safe.

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Intense Rehydration Medical Pro

moisturizer lux skin care

BEST FOR: dehydrated, dry skin.

SKIN TYPE: dry, eczema, dehydrated skin

    • Free of fragrances, lanolin, paraben and other potentially harmful or irritating substances
    • Long lasting hydration
    • Smoothen and restore water-lipid balance with retaining of the water and boosting skin own regeneration.
    • Improves health of the skin.
      Listen to your skin – how much it wants to “drink”.  You can apply liberally as often as needed. Most patients prefer daily

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